Free WiFi Across Sunny Beach #Summer2015

free wifi sunny beach ummer 2015

Free WiFi Across the Resort #Summer2015

So, the year is slipping by at quite a pace, Winter has finally done the decent thing and shoved off, Spring has all but sprung and April is here, bringing with it thoughts of #Summer2015 and optimistic day-dreams of glorious sun-drenched, adventure packed holidays!

If like us, you’ve already been on the horn to Thomas Cook and you’re frantically counting down the days before heading off towards Bulgaria’s fantastic Black Sea resort ‘Sunny Beach’ this year, then we’ve got a bit of good news for you. It was recently announced that there will be free WiFi throughout the resort in time for #Summer2015. Local radio stations reported that the wireless coverage would fully comply with the European Union standards for free WiFi access in terms of signal strength and security and announced that the coverage would gradually expand to eventually service the entire territory.

So if you’re getting your #Summer2015 kicks in Sunny Beach this year and were worried that preposterous mobile roaming charges would stop you bragging about what an amazing time you’re having, worry no more, you’ll soon be able to rub their untanned faces in it and show off those hot-dog legs to your heart’s content, instantly, free, via Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat or all of them at once. Go nuts, it’s your holiday after all!
This is truly great news for an already cracking Bulgarian resort which continues to go from strength to strength every year. We’re certain this addition will prove to be immensely popular and so does Executive Director of Sunny Beach Zlatko Dimitrov, who also recently announced that alongside the free high speed internet, #Summer2015 tourists will be provided with a wide range of practical information on goings on within the resort, recommendations, and useful tips from locals about the culture, which all sounds very promising indeed.
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